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Welcome to the New Face of Wildwood!

by Don for Wildwood Music

If you are reading this post, you have discovered what we hope is a wonderful and welcome new experience in Wildwood Music’s continued presence on the Internet! This is the first overall change in our Web image since 1995, and we thought it might be appropriate to do some “updating.”

We have had many kind offers from several multi-talented customers—all experts in the field of Web Design; their suggestions were generous, and are much-appreciated! Our accepting of Ted and Paula, and TH Design, was a product of Fate: Marty and I were ready to change our Website, and Ted and Paula–who happened to have wonderful expertise in Web Design—came to visit Wildwood at that precise moment!

As we labored through the overhaul process, we were amazed and comforted at the way our “Dynamic Duo” from TH overcame the various obstacles we frequently placed in their path! They made it very easy for us to deal with any problems that arose, and Marty and I did not feel so much like “Dumb and Dumber” in our encounter with HTML, WordPress, and other “foreign languages!” (LOL)

Hopefully, you will enjoy this fabulous new iteration of Wildwood Music on the World Wide Web as much as we do! It is beautifully artistic and very creative. We really like that it is easy to navigate the different pages, too!

We send out our enormous gratitude to Ted and Paula, to the many fine folks who happily offered their talented services, and to all our wonderful customers—you have been so very special, and are such incredible sources of joy for us! Thank you so much for your remarkable encouragement of Marty and I, as you join us in that blissful quest for Stringed Instrument Happiness!

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