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Banjo Companies, Makers/ Builders

by Ted for Favorite Makers/Builders

Wildwood Banjos

Wildwood Banjos are hand made from the finest figured hardwoods available. From beautiful curly maples and curly black walnuts, to exotic species such as Ebony, Bubinga and Wenge. From the traditional simplicity of the MINSTREL to the ornate design of the SOLOIST, we offer a well balanced range of banjos in styles for the traditional frailing and clawhammer style players, and classic powerful bluegrass banjos for 3-finger pickers. The blend of old world craftsmanship and modern technology helps produce banjos of unequaled quality and design.

Deering Banjo Company

Makers of Deering, Vega, Tenbrooks & Goodtime banjos.

Stelling Banjo Works

In what was once a one room school house, built on the side of Heard’s Mountain in 1900, where sons and daughters of those who worked in the mountainside apple orchards learned their “3 Rs” and minded their “P’s and Q’s”, you will now find a myriad of woodworking equipment, handtools, and supplies suitable for creating the world’s finest banjos and other stringed instruments. The young students have long since been replaced by seasoned luthiers who are known around the world as the master craftsmen of Stelling Banjo Works.

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