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Larrivée Guitars

All Guitars Shown Below are In-Stock! (Unless noted otherwise.

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Larrivee LV-09E, B-band blender (2)-6

Larrivee LV-09E, Baggs Stage Pro Anthem Pick-up

We are pleased to offer this beautiful East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce guitar, here at Wildwood. It is well-balanced in tone, and is blessed with wonderful volume! It is ideal for either fingerpicking or flatpicking. The Anthem pickup provides superb sound amplification! This special guitar comes with everything your heart could desire!

Retail Price: $4148 — Wildwood's Price: You will be so pleased!


Larrivee 000-40 12 FRET JOIN -Rosewood/Spruce Legacy

This instrument features a Diamonds and Squares inlay in the fingerboard. Fine Herringbone/Bold Rope , inlay is used around the top edge and around the rosette. Unlike most OOOs this instrument is 25.5" scale length, with a 12-fret join. Maple is used for the binding. 

Retail Price: $1998.

Larrivee OO-40 Limited Edition, Mahogany/ Spruce , 12- FRET JOIN, Torch Headstock !

Larrivee OO-40 Limited Edition, Mahogany/ Spruce , 12- FRET JOIN, Torch Headstock !

This delightful Larrivee features excellent playability and a surprisingly bold tone, resulting from the 12 fret neck to body join. Enhanced by the attractive pearl torch inlay this instrument would please any guitarist. 


Larrivee L-10, Fine Sitka Spruce/Premium East Indian Rosewood!

Larrivee L-10, Fine Sitka Spruce/Premium East Indian Rosewood!

The shape of this thrilling instrument is the famous "L" Larrivee body, and carries forward that lusty, traditional Larrivee sound! This fine acoustic treasure will carry in a "packed jam" room, and then some! Take a look at our pictures, and try to resist the temptation!! HAHA!  I can say that I am always mesmerized, as if put under a "spell," each time I open the case to this guitar! It's lovely new guitar aroma, as potent and seductive as fine perfume, captures my imagination! I take it up into my arms, and pluck its strings; and, ah, what beauteous sounds emanate forth from its Premium East Indian and Sitka Spruce woods! I am transported to a world filled with cheering admirers, who strain to capture such joyous and euphonic delights--as I skillfully create them on this masterpiece of luthery! Then, my dream shatters suddenly, as I am called back to reality! I return this special instrument to its case; how long can I go without playing it again? Someone, please take this home; save me from my guitar lust !

Larrivee L-09, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce

Larrivee L-09, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce

Here is Jean Larrivee's centuries-lasting imprint upon the world of guitar luthery: the incomparable "L-body!" This shape represents the first successful presentation of a steel-stringed guitar with a "classical" shape and feel. Reprised by Bob Taylor in 1994, when he first introduced his Grand Auditorium model, this body shape is slightly smaller than a Dreadnought, and is more comfortable to play; yet, it loses little in responding to spirited flatpicking. At the same time, this guitar needs little coaxing or finesse to stream lilting, finely-crafted melodies when strings are caressed by one's fingers! And take a look at the craftsmanship in the pictures! You immediately know that no robot assembled this treasure; and you will view only the very fine Rosewood and Spruce woods Jean consistently uses to build his masterpieces! We savor the lovely Flamed Maple binding, with the artistically-precise purfling that surrounds it! You really will want to introduce yourself to this fine instrument, especially if you've never had the distinct pleasure of playing a Larrivee--you are in for quite a special thrill!

Larrivee LV-O5E Mahogany and Spruce-6

Larrivee LV-O5E, Genuine Natural Mahogany/Sitka Spruce!

This terrific-sounding Larrivee is "new old stock" that has been lovingly kept in our Wildwood humidity-and-temperature-controlled environment. This instrument not only features the fine Larrivee 05 appointments but is upgraded with Ebony/Abalone Pearl bridge pins and Ebony tuning machine buttons! Outfitted with the outstanding LR Baggs IMIX pick up, this guitar, crafted with real South American Mahogany and Old-growth Sitka Spruce, will really command your attention!

Retail Price: $3648— Wildwood's Price: $2199!                                                                                                        


Larrivee D40 Sitka Spruce top/East Indian Rosewood back and sides !

Larrivee Legacy Series, D40, Sitka Spruce/East Indian Rosewood!

The Larrivee D40 has a revolutionary "Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid" bracing system. Its a perfect merge of tonal balance, clarity, bass response , and the exceptional depth and volume that one would expect from a vintage dreadnought body ! The D40 has solid African Ebony Fretboard and Bridge. Other features include Mother of Pearl Logo, Grover 18:1 open back tuners, double action truss rod, and durable acrylic satin finish. Power Flatpicking is pure delight, and fingerstylings produce unimaginable clarity!

Larrivee D-05, Hahogany and Spruce Dreadnought-6

Larrivee D-05, Mahogany and Spruce Dreadnought

This a wonderful handmade Mahogany and Spruce Dreadnought guitar!! The fine woods produce a rich and enduring tonal balance between the bass, the mids, and the trebles. You will notice a very desirable clear pickguard on the top. While most guitars in this price range have plastic body binding, Larrivee chooses very attractive Flamed Maple. Ebony fingerboard and bridge, of course!
Larrivee D-09 Rosewood and Spruce-1

Larrivee D-09

Rosewood and Spruce. This wonderful Dreadnought possesses as fine a set of woods, as any you will see in its comparable price range! Great sounding, great playing, great price!