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We would be HAPPY to order you any Solid Top MasterWorks Hammered Dulcimer!!! 740-622-4224

This is a Fabulous Custom Chromatic Masterworks Hammered Dulcimer with dampers, that we recently ordered for a very nice customer. We would be glad to order you any wonderful hand-crafted Masterworks--from the Sapele Pioneer Package to a Custom Russell Cook Edition!

Please Call for Wildwood's Special Price


We would be DELIGHTED to order you any Solid Top Songbird Hammered Dulcimer!!! 740-622-4224

These dulcimers are lovingly hand-crafted by Melanie and Chris Foss.  Each instrument is made with great care and has a wonderful tone that will bring musical joy for many years to come. 

Please Call for Wildwood's Special Price


MasterWorks 16/15 Padded Hammered Dulcimer Case

Heavy durable DuPont Cordura material is used for these two cases. Each one has a large outside accessories zippered pocket, Soft foam padding lines the inside and an adjustable shoulder strap is included! Choice of Brown or Burgundy color. This case fits most 16/15 size dulcimers and some larger sizes as well. 

 The dimensions are measured from the inside of case.

Lower end-rail width: 40"

Upper end-rail width: 22"

Side length: 18"


Retail Price: $199. — Wildwood's Price: $89!


Hard Shell Hammered Dulcimer Flight Case

This flight case is the most durable case made for Hammered Dulcimers. Has a 1" foam lining. Rugged wood construction!!

The case measures:

Length: 40"

Width: 19.5"

Depth: 4"

Retail Price: $305 — Wildwood's Price: $88!


Hammered Dulcimer Bag

Nice, padded black dulcimer bag from Masterworks . It fits instruments up to 17" x 43".

Retail Price: $97— Wildwood's Price: $39!


Plush Lined Hammered Dulcimer Case

This is a nice plush lined chipboard case.

Upper Rail Width: 18"

Lower Rail Width: 36"

Depth: 3.5"

Retail Price: $97— Wildwood's Price: $39!


Andy Bordenkircher Double Sided Hammers!

These beautifully hand-crafted and balanced hammers are available in several different wood combinations and lengths. (We also have some available with very rare woods- such as Birdseye Maple and Extinct Brazilian Rosewood! These are $44. and we have them on SALE for just $25.!)

Retail Price: $36 — Wildwood's Special Price:

MIX and MATCH any 3 PAIR for JUST $9 each!!

BB Hammers hand-crafted by Betty and Bob Kiogama

Bob and Betty designed and built a delightful variety of dulcimer hammers! Sizes range from 6.75 to 9". They use only the finest woods and leather.

Retail Price: $29 to $55— Wildwood's Price:


MIX and MATCH any 3 PAIR for JUST $9 each!!


Ed Hale Custom Hammers

Many, many dulcimer players choose these wonderful hammers! As the great musician Ted Yoder says "I've played with Ed Hale hammers for so long I don't remember when I first started with them. I've always loved the balance and simplicity of them. I always feel at home when I pick up my Hale hammers." They range in length from 8.5" to 9.75"

Retail Price: $40 — Wildwood's Price:

MIX and MATCH any 3 PAIR for JUST $9 each!!


Decorative Deluxe Double-Sided Hammers

These wonderful hand-carved hammers not only make your instrument sound great, but are an artistic treat for your eye as well. Each features a beautiful and unique design! The hammers with the heart design measure  9.25"and the others measure 8.5" in length. 

Retail Price: $49. — Wildwood's Price:

MIX and MATCH any 3 PAIR for JUST $9 each!!


Hand-Whittled and Carved SUPER FLEXIBLE hammers

Want to play some Fiddle tunes???  These hammers will make you fly so fast and so high that you will need to tie a rope around your waist to keep you from flying away!! The length of these are between 8.5" to 9.25"

Retail Price: $40 — Wildwood's Price:

MIX and MATCH any 3 PAIR for JUST $9 each!!



2nd Solid Wood Hammered Dulcimer Scissor Stand

The nice nylon webbing is a light silver-grey color!

Retail Price: $101. — Wildwood's Price: $39!


3rd Solid Wood Hammered Dulcimer Scissor Stand


Retail Price: $99. — Wildwood's Price: $39!


Sold....MasterWorks 15/14 Solid Top Package!

Solid Sapelli Top! This is such a beautiful-sounding hammered dulcimer and such a great value at our special price!! Padded carrying bag, Chromatic electronic tuner, scissors stand, tuning wrench, and hammers included.


RCE17XR small.jpg

SOLD..Russell Cook Edition, Master Works, Extended Range “TED YODER Style"

Who doesn't love Ted Yoder's hammered dulcimer playing? Wow, he is really fabulous! This amazing Custom Hammered Dulcimer features 16 Extended Range chromatic notes, in addition to this new 17/17 course configuration! This instrument begins with a wonderful Redwood/Mahogany solid wood soundboard top and back. Your choice of regular or low sustain bridges. This fabulous dulcimer produces the complete scale of F on top of the treble bridge. Also it provides a full scale of Bb on  top of the bass bridge. This really opens up the key of C and Dm for playing arrangements that need 2-3 octaves. Upgrade options would include custom inlays, curly Maple pin blocks, padded carrying bag and dampers.



SOLD....Masterworks 16/15 Ultralight

This Masterworks Ultralight has a solid Sapele soundboard that gives the instrument its wonderful voice! This hammered dulcimer would be a delight for any player! Comes with a Deluxe padded carry case!


MasterWorks 16/15 CHROMATIC Walnut End Rails!

SOLD....MasterWorks 16/15 CHROMATIC Walnut End Rails!

This beautiful-sounding chromatic dulcimer has a soundboard crafted from Sapele Mahogany and has a warm, full and rich voice!  Deluxe Padded carrying bag, tuning wrench and hammers included.


SOLD....MasterWorks 16/15, Chromatic!

 Russell Cook's 16/15  Chromatic with Custom Zebrano Endrails will capture your heart with it's resonant sound and beauty ! Deluxe Padded carrying bag, tuning wrench and hammers included!


MasterWorks Russell Cook Edition "Extended Range"

SOLD...MasterWorks Russell Cook Edition "Extended Range"

Russell will personally select gorgeous Exotic wood for the End Rails. As on all of the very high-end MasterWorks, the soundboard is made of Redwood and Genuine Mahogany. This amazing Dulcimer would blow the roof off any "Jam" session! This instrument has been newly designed by Russell. The voice is rich and mellow, with great resonance!The "Extended Range" notes will add to the versatility of your performances! A real joy to play !!!!

Deluxe Padded carrying bag, tuning wrench, and hammers included.


MasterWorks Soprano 16/15 Spruce Top / Walnut End Rails!

SOLD....MasterWorks Soprano 16/15 Solid Spruce Top / Walnut End Rails!

Russell Cook's Master Works Hammered Dulcimers are proudly played by numerous National Champions and scores of both performers and recreational players! This wonderful dulcimer is tuned just like a standard 16/15, only one octave higher! Fine Sitka Spruce (also used on our High-End guitars) was chosen for the Soundboard. This instrument is truly a joy to play! It sounds so sweet and lively.It weighs only 6.5 pounds and is small and light, but still has a three octave range! Padded carrying bag, hammers and tuning wrench included.


Warbler 17/16/8, Hammered Dulcimer

SOLD......Chris Foss Warbler 17/16/8 Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer

This beautiful Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer is hand-crafted by Christopher and Melanie Foss of Songbird Dulcimers.This instrument is a fully chromatic extended-range dulcimer. It features a solid Cherry soundboard and back with Walnut bridges and trim. 



Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers

Sue and Ray Mooers began to build Fabulous Hammered Dulcimers decades ago, and today Dusty Strings is recognized as one of the leading crafters of fine instruments, which also include an excellent lineup of harps!  Marty proudly plays a Dusty Strings Harp; a Custom FH36S Bubinga at her home!! Don has owned a Dusty 15/14 D25 for over 30 years, and says he rarely has to tune it. These are truly wonderful instruments !!


These stands went to our Wonderful Pomerene Arts Center here in Coshocton!

This very well-crafted custom hammered dulcimer stand would work well for playing or for display!  It can hold up to 3 hammered dulcimers and measures 48"x 18"x 24". Just come and pick it up here at Wildwood Music!!!



SOLD.....Hammered Dulcimer Craft Project!!!!

The bridges are glued onto the soundboard, but this could be a Fun craft project! Maybe decorate the top (maybe even paint strings on it) or stain it and use it for a fun decoration. 

Wildwood's Price: $FREE!


SOLD.....Peg Earl Padded Hammered Dulcimer Case

This case was handcrafted by Peg Earl of very durable DuPont Cordura material. There is a nice, large pocket on the outside to hold your dulcimer accessories. This case will fit most 12/11 size instruments and some larger ones as well!

Bottom end-rail length: 34"

Top end-rail length: 20"

Side Length: 18"

Retail Price: $125. — Wildwood's Price: $29!