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The Vault

All Guitars Shown Below are In-Stock! (Unless noted otherwise.)

Vault Guitars

Martin Limited Edition HD-28 Vintage, special Label Hand-signed by CF Martin III and CF Martin IV


This guitar was crafted in 1985, using the most Premium Sitka Spruce for the top.The bracing was hand scalloped as the top was "Tap Tuned"!  Herringbone trim , aging toner , and a tortoise celluloid pickgard under the finish, add to the beauty of this instrument. Gorgeous Master Grade East Indian Rosewood was selected for the  back & sides. Made in Ohio!! (today made in China) open-back Grover tuners, Modified V shaped neck ( this neck is trimmer than the current Authentic Martin models) w/ old style square headstock, , diamond & square  pearl inlaid ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge w/tortoise eye inlaid bridge pins. This instrument is in superb playing condition and is both melodic and powerful. Only 87 of these gems were ever built.This Limited Edition features a  label hand- signed by both C.F.Martin III & C.F. Martin IV.


Wildwood's Price: $2499!


Larrivee Custom LJ 10, Extinct Brazilian Rosewood

The Glory of this amazing, one-of-a-kind Custom is richly reflected in the Ancient Brazilian Rosewood, which sounds like no other  tone wood used in crafting fine guitars!  Potent, luxurious bass notes overflow into a continuous musical river filled with sparkling trebles and powerful mid-range voices! Jean Larrivee used his last, finest set of very old-growth Brazilian in this Larrivee Jumbo model. You can tell it is from a log felled over 100 years ago, especially because of its two-piece back, which could only come from a long-gone large Brazilian log, cut before the years leading up to that wood's extinction in the 20th Century. Jean also selected his finest set of Sitka Spruce, perhaps from an Alaskan tree that began its life over 1000 years ago! Jean's reverence for this guitar top's beauty and its exquisite perfection is evident by his choice of a clear pickguard. Wendy Larrivee, Jean's wife, artistically designed and LOVINGLY hand-inlaid the TAMBOURINE LADY in the headstock! Custom Presentation bridge wing inlays, and Custom Torch fingerboard inlays--with each Torch individually hand-engraved--complete this musical instrument MASTERPIECE!

Retail Price: $11,498 — Wildwood's Price: $4998!


CF Martin HD28 Custom Morado "Rosewood" Sitka Spruce Top


In 1992, Martin located a billet of very rare Bolivian Morado wood. This Morado is very similar in tone to Madagascar Rosewood. The Sitka Spruce top is a very high-grade of old growth wood. They were able to make 4 Custom guitars out of this wood. Two of them were HD28s with hand-scalloped top braces, Herringbone top trim and Morado headstock overlay. This is one of those two instruments. Stamped in the neck block is : HD28P Morado with the serial number 514789. The P stands for a thin, very comfortable low-profile neck. Our friend Dick Boak, longtime member of the Martin staff in many areas and today curator of their Museum said, "This very special Martin guitar has an astoundingly lively tone, fairly jumps up when you play it, due in part to its rare wood type and to its degree of lightness. The action is appropriately delightful as well; it is an absolutely lovely, unique instrument, one that once you’ve got it you will never want to give up!"

Wildwood's Price: $2999! New with Lifetime warranty

(Notice in the photos, the guarantee papers are in the case).


Larrivee Custom 00-10, Brazilian Rosewood/Premium Engelmann Alpine Spruce

Larrivee Custom 00-10, Brazilian Rosewood/Premium Engelmann Alpine Spruce

The Old-Growth, Pre-CITES Brazilian Rosewood on this 00 guitar--personally made by Jean Larrivee himself, using his private, personal stock of precious woods--has the manifestation of being quarter-sawn, with much of the back grain pattern appearing very straight! Combined with the very tight-grained Engelmann Spruce, this 00 Larrivee guitar has a full, rich, and quite powerful voice! You expected it to be articulate in its tonal qualities, because of the signature Larrivee symmetrical "X" bracing--which is high, narrow, and tapered, as well as forward-shifted toward the sound hole. But you are "blown away" by the pure, rich power you get when you play it! Only a hand-fitted, dove-tail-joined instrument can boast of tone qualities like this! The neck join, 12 frets to the body, is married to a 25.5" scale length, providing additional volumes of sound--because of the Standard scale vibrations on a small instrument. Ease and comfort of play are enhanced with the 1 11/16" nut!  To draw your eye to this guitar, the exquisite and so very artistic crafting of a colorful, Abalone Pearl-inlaid Unicorn by Wendy Larrivee--Jean's wife--thrills your artistic sensibilities! In addition, the gorgeous Abalone which Jean meticulously inlaid around the top, the fingerboard, and the Rosette stunningly proclaim this guitar as a once and always instrument you will treasure forever! Finally, this instrument is authenticated by the personal signatures, inside the guitar and viewable through the sound hole, of Jean Larrivee, Wendy Larrivee, and Jeff Hickey, Deceased, formerly the U.S./Canada Head of Sales for Larrivee Guitar Company!

Retail Price: $9838— Wildwood's Price: $3998 

Lakewood M54, Premium GERMAN Alpine Spruce/Extinct BRAZILIAN Rosewood!

Lakewood M54, Premium GERMAN Alpine Spruce/Extinct BRAZILIAN Rosewood!

Martin Seeliger is not currently building any Lakewood Guitars with Brazilian Rosewood. He told me that obtaining any good quality Brazilian wood is nearly impossible, and that the German Spruce for the top is quite expensive and difficult to acquire.

Wildwood is proud and honored to offer this Wonderful Grand Concert model! Our M-54 Brazilian was hand-crafted with very Rare Alpine German Spruce on top! This luscious guitar lives in its Hiscox Pro II case here, at Wildwood, and comes with Lakewood's full warranty! Lakewood has reprised a Spec Sheet in their Archives for this model; here is a link to the Lakewood M-54 Brazilian Specs. Note that our Nut Width is a very trim 43mm. String spacing at the bridge saddle is 2 3/16".

Scale Length: 25.6" Overall Length: 40.16" Body Length: 19.76" Depth at End Block: 4.72" Depth at Neck Joint: 3.54" Width at Lower Bout: 15.43" Width at Waist: 8.98" Width at Upper Bout: 10.98"

Wildwood's Price: $4900!


SALE PENDING....Martin Custom D41 Old Growth Extinct BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD


We co-designed this wonderful Custom Martin in 1988, with our friend ...the world famous Mike Longworth!! It was such a joy and pleasure to work with someone with his knowledge and experience. The top features the finest Master Grade Sitka Spruce with Hand-Scalloped bracing. This particular set of Brazilian Rosewood "Dalbergia Nigra" had been harvested in the early 1900s, making it over 100 years old today! Stamped in this guitar's neck block is the word "CUSTOM", along with the Serial Number: 478259. This instrument has been gently used, and has a only a few wear marks. It plays beautifully, and is set up for both flat picking and finger stylings. Just as you would expect from an ultimate Martin Brazilian Rosewood Custom, the uproarious thunder clap you feel in your chest after your first strong strum thoroughly transports your soul, while it envelops your heart with lush, rich harmonies! Martin has this guitar registered as a D41 Brazilian Custom. Chris (CF Martin IV) hand-signed the back brace!

Retail Price: $45,000.00 — Wildwood's Price: $7998!


1967 Vintage Martin, D12-35 12-String, Brazilian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce!


This "Fair to Good" condition 1967 D12-35 Brazilian model (SN #227147) was made using the finest back-and-side tone wood from which a guitar can be made!  Its Sitka Spruce top--with repaired cracks that are visible--rewards your vintage guitar lust with a rich, darkened lacquer tone that reminds you of its fine Martin heritage! Take a deep breath before being bowled over by the exquisite-looking Brazilian Rosewood sides and (3 piece) back; the old Mahogany neck is joined to the "S" body at the 12th fret.  The neck--1 7/8" at the nut, with a 24.9" scale length--has been re-set and re-fretted., with the non-adjustable truss rod retained. Action is low and buttery, and the fingerboard capos nicely--although you will want to play this without a capo as much a possible. Its sonorous voice can resonate the fillings from your teeth!! The Grover tuners are the original enclosed six-on-a-plate and USA-made, with chrome buttons; condition of the Grovers is very good..  You will love the bound ebony fretboard, dot inlays, ebony bridge, and a new black pick guard; the hand-carved slotted headstock features a matching Brazilian rosewood overlay, to complete this acoustic masterpiece!! A newer hardshell case comes with! A veritable Vintage masterpiece, with sounds superlative beyond all expectations, this fine 12-string guitar will be a cherished addition to any acoustic lover's instrument collection!

Wildwood's Price: $2498!

Custom Bourgeois OMS, Brazilian Rosewood/Aged Master-Grade Engelmann Alpine Spruce!

Custom Bourgeois OMS - Custom Bourgeois OMS


This guitar is the finest Dana Bourgeois instrument we have ever had at Wildwood! One of the original Bourgeois dealers, we began with Dana when he first started building on his own! Dana created this awesome 12-fret-joined guitar with a 25.5" scale length, to harness dreadnought power in a perfect fingerstyle body! "Balance, power, and full, piano-like sound: our richest-sounding guitar" is how Dana describes this instrument! Crafted from old-growth now-extinct Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra), this wood that Dana chose for the back and sides has a provenance that dates back almost 100 years! Dana was going to use Premium Adirondack for the top, but opted for rarer, aged Master Grade Engelmann (high-elevation) Alpine Spruce. Traditional Ivoroid binding adorns the body, neck and headstock. The vintage-style belly bridge is placed at the widest part of the lower bout--to very effectively drive the expertly-braced top. Extravagant Waverly tuners, recognized worldwide as the finest machines, elegantly hold the accurate pitches of each string. Beautiful fleur-de-lis inlays were selected for the fingerboard of this Custom guitar. Historically, the fleur-de-lis is said to signify perfection, light, and life! It is the perfect inlay for this guitar! Dana cut a custom 1 3/4" bone nut, and by hand formed his expertly-compensated bone saddle. He was so precise in making this instrument, that each bridge pin was hand-fashioned to fit perfectly in each string placement. He scored in each pin the appropriate amount of notches, so each pin could be returned to its rightful string! This guitar has an exquisite voice with tonal properties of an angel. Dana's Custom OMS design brings about maximum power with minimum playing effort, and affords the player a beautiful open quality to the sound!

Retail Price: $10,684.

Wildwood's Price: $6998! NEW, FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY!


SOLD...Martin Custom 1992 HD28V, Brazilian Rosewood!

You always wanted a pre-war Martin D28 with Brazilian Rosewood, but you just didn't want to spend the $50,000 for the rare privilege...Happily, here is a Custom HD-28V--crafted in 1992, with that fabled, extinct Brazilian on its back and sides, with sound and power to match its pre-war "cousins!" One firm strum shows off its rich, throaty explosion of sound; and when you fingerpick, it responds with hearty gusto!

It has many of the features of those famous old Martin Herringbone D-28s, including a square headstock, ivoroid bindings, pre-war hand-scalloped X-brace pattern, a very playable 1 11/16" Modified V neck--this gives a sense of the old guitars, but lots more comfort, a tortoise-colored pick guard and the diamond and squares fingerboard inlay pattern. with matching inlays on the bridge. The original Martin hard shell case is very special too, using the "military-style" latches to safely secure the guitar! As "icing" on this delicious acoustic "cake", Chris Martin personally hand-signed a Custom Shop label placed inside this treasure!

This incredible instrument was briefly owned by one of our dear customers. He had it such a short time that the protective cover is still on the pick guard! It has been in Marty's loving care for all these years. It has not been played out, and she has always kept it in well-monitored humidity and temperature conditions. Now she hopes this wonderful guitar will find its "forever home!"

Retail Price: $20,000 — Wildwood's Price: $5998!


SOLD......1953 CF Martin 00-18G Nylon-String Guitar

Professionally set up in our shop with Nylon strings, although the "G" stands for "gut" strings, which is what it probably was strung with originally! Spruce top, Genuine Mahogany back and sides, Brazilian Rosewood bridge and head plate, Ebony fingerboard, original hard shell, archtop, plush case. The tuning machines are not original, but are from 1965. Nitro Cellulose lacquer finish, one-piece Genuine Mahogany neck, 12-frets to the body, with 2 inches at the nut. (Many Martin nylon instruments from this era were wider!)  The neck features a comfortable "C" shaped profile. This guitar has been lovingly enjoyed over the years, and plays GREAT!

Wildwood's Price: $1299!


SOLD!.....Larrivee Custom L05, Jester Headstock Inlay!

Natural beauty, reflecting the glory of God's creation, is magnificently displayed in the rich Genuine Brazilian Mahogany which Jean Larrivee used when he built this excellent L-body acoustic guitar! In addition, Jean also selected his finest Sitka Spruce, perhaps from an Alaskan tree that began its life over 1000 years ago, for its dynamic soundboard! Jean's reverence for this guitar top's beauty and its exquisite perfection is evident by his choice of a clear pickguard. Wendy Larrivee, Jean's wife, artistically designed and skillfully hand-inlaid the JESTER in the headstock! Use a flatpick to accompany a praise tune, or experience the eminently sweet music of this precious Mahogany when you play your fingerstyle verses!

Retail Price: $3598 — Wildwood's Price: $2199!


Sold....R. Taylor (Exclusive Taylor Boutique Model), Style 1, Very Rare Striped Ebony/Very Rare High-Elevation Moon Swiss!

"R. Taylor" stands for "Robert Taylor!" Only a handful of these boutique guitars were handmade, and only for a few years! Bob had not been personally building instruments for a while, and he wanted to get his hands involved again in carving and shaping the wood. His wife, Cindy, said "he (Bob) wanted to put on his shop apron and use his hands." The photos of this guitar do not do it full justice. This is perhaps the most beautiful Taylor we have ever had in, over the past 25 years! Wildwood was selected from over 1200 dealers worldwide to offer these special instruments. Best-sounding Taylor, fingerstylings, over the top, go crazy. Extra trim slim-carve neck. Provenance--One of a kind, top geometry is a 65' radius. Bob Taylor chose Modified x for the hand-carved top braces. Genuine Honduran Mahogany neck, Ebony used for the headstock overlay. 1 3/4" nut width, Standard Taylor scale length, Rosewood with pinstripes chosen for the binding, and Green heart abalone for the rosette.   #128 SN 2007

Wildwood's Price: $4998. NEW, FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY!


SOLD....Taylor GABE Extinct BRAZILIAN Rosewood Back and Sides/ Englemann Spruce Top

YES!!...this Exquisite Taylor Limited Edition is made from True Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra)! The top wood is Master Grade Englemann Alpine Spruce. The sound of this guitar is as extraordinary as you could ever imagine! The fingerboard displays a beautiful Tree-Of-Life inlay crafted with rare Abalone Pearl with matching headstock and bridge inlays! This is a new instrument that has never been owned and comes with a lifetime warranty.It has always been kept in museum-quality humidity and temperature controls. Built in 1995 this beauty is #9 of only 50 that were made! The interior label is numbered and hand-signed by Bob Taylor.

Retail Price: $13,978.00 — Wildwood's Price: $6998.


SOLD....1901 George Washburn Parlor guitar ,Extinct Brazilian Rosewood/ Spruce


Hand-crafted in 1901...Yes, this lady will soon be celebrating her 117th birthday! She is so very playable and has such a dynamic voice. The top is probably Adirondack Spruce, but the old records are not very clear on this. The Brazilian back and sides are Quarter Sawn. With roots going back before the Civil War, Washburn began as a partnership between George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Healy. Formed in Chicago, Illinois, Washburn has been building stringed instruments since 1883. An American institution, Washburn has built guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more throughout the years. Many of the biggest names in music have played old Washburn guitars. Her serial number is 256150 She is called an "1897 Style". I (Marty) have had the pleasure of owning her for the past 30 years, and am now looking for someone very special to be her loving caretaker!

Wildwood's Price: $799!

Martin Limited Edition D28GE, Golden Era, Brazilian Rosewood/Adirondack Spruce!

SOLD....Martin Limited Edition D28GE, Golden Era, Brazilian Rosewood/Adirondack Spruce!

Serial Number #762001--Crafted in the Year 2000, this precious instrument is #219, and was made using extinct Brazilian Rosewood--Dalbergia nigra--(Old-Growth Brazilian, from a long-standing cache held at Martin for several years before this instrument was built!), and the very finest Adirondack Spruce. It has never been owned, has never been offered for sale, or been played by our customers. When this one came to Wildwood, it sounded so much more extraordinary than several D28GE guitars we had sold, that we decided to "put it away." Always a Wildwood resident, always carefully monitored and controlled humidity and temperature, and always kept in its 545 Vintage re-issue Geib case. A cannon of sound, this would receive Chris Martin's "Big Gun" nomenclature. To have such a fine, fine instrument, during Martin's Year of the Dreadnought, with Chris Martin's hand-signed label inside, would be a special prize! Hand-scalloped, forward-shifted braces, in the X-brace pattern. Fossil Ivory nut, saddle, bridge pins. Aging toner, Herringbone trim. It fairly explodes with glorious sounds from the very first strum!

Wildwood's Price: $9999! NEW! FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Taylor 2002 Limited Edition, Lifetime Warranty, 814CE, Premium Cocobolo/Premium Engelmann Spruce!

SOLD...Taylor 2002 Limited Edition, NEW with Lifetime Warranty, 814CE, Premium Cocobolo/Premium Engelmann Spruce!

This is an iconic Bob Taylor-inspired Limited Edition guitar, which was made in 2002! Marty has an eye and ear for exceptional acoustic instruments; and when she played this one, she decided to keep it here at Wildwood--along with her other personal instruments, among them peerless Martins and Larrivees!

Look at the luxurious back and sides of Rare Cocobolo Rosewood Bob chose for his lovely Limited! Consistent with Bob's early selection of soundboards for his pristine "900" series guitars, the Premium Engelmann Spruce  perfectly  nurtures the powerful sounds emanating from this Magnificent guitar !!

Retail Price: $6641 — Wildwood's Price: $2998!


SOLD......Hand-Carved Fiddle, Crafted By Premier Ohio Builder, William "Bill" Cunningham!

Bill Cunningham was one of four renowned makers of Fiddles in Coshocton County, Ohio! The first was Mr. Varnes who was widely known in the early 1900s throughout the Eastern U. S. as a premier maker of hand-crafted instruments. Chester Gray, who apprenticed with the Master Mr. Varnes, built many many wonderful fiddles in his lifetime and also owned the distinction of working with world-renowned violinist David Rubinoff, who had retired in Columbus, Ohio. Next came Clifford Hardesty who was awarded several grants over the years from the Ohio Arts Council, for the purpose of training future generations to make wonderful fiddles. Mr. Cunningham benefited from Cliff's guidance and wisdom as he transitioned from being the Apprentice to being the Master builder.

When you visited Mr. Cunningham's workshop, you could not help but be impressed by his skill. His workshop was modest, and was sparsely equipped with a band saw, a table saw, and a small stove. There were hand tools, and two work benches. Oh, yes, large shards of broken glass were laying there, as well. Bill said, "That's for scraping out the tops (of the fiddles). Broken glass was what I was taught to use for working fine violin soundboards. Even though it takes a long long time- that's what I use! 

To witness the magic that seemed to flow from Bill's hands, as he patiently scraped a Spruce soundboard to hollow out the arch in the top, and also work the much harder Maple back, one could only marvel at the glorious sounds this tedious and often physically-painful process ultimately produced in a finished instrument!

Bill, who suffered from emphysema, and fought colon cancer the last years of his life, had wanted to build 100 instruments before he died; he was able to get to #93, over the 20-year period of being disabled. He exhibited that admirable Appalachian trait of being downright unwilling to quit being useful and productive, and each of his fiddles carry that grit and determination to strive for excellence!

Today his fiddles occupy the homes of many happy aficionados of Old Time, Traditional, Bluegrass, and Classical violin music! He was so proud that fine musicians had chosen him and his special talents!

Wildwood's Price: $900! Bow, Rosin, and Hard Shell case included


SOLD....Clifford Hardesty Hand-Crafted Ohio Made Fiddle!

Cliff Hardesty was one of four renowned makers of Fiddles in Coshocton County, Ohio! The first was Mr. Varnes who was widely known in the early 1900s throughout the Eastern U. S. as a premier maker of hand-crafted instruments. Chester Gray, who apprenticed with the Master Mr. Varnes, built many many wonderful fiddles in his lifetime and also owned the distinction of working with world-renowned violinist David Rubinoff, who had retired in Columbus, Ohio. Next came Clifford "Cliff" Hardesty who was awarded several grants over the years from the Ohio Arts Council, for the purpose of training future generations to make wonderful fiddles. The final renowned builder was  Mr.William "Bill"  Cunningham who benefited from Cliff's guidance and wisdom as he transitioned from being the Apprentice to being the Master builder. This instrument is  Number 16 and was made in 1978 which was one of the finest years of his crafting. He used only the finest curly maple and European spruce for the top. Mr. Hardesty appeared on multiple recordings and played and demonstrated at many festivals throughout the country. Both the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts declared Cliff a "National Treasure"! 



SOLD.....FLATT & SCRUGGS C.F. Martin Brazilian Rosewood guitar and The Gibson Golden Deluxe banjo SET!!!!


WOW! TWO of the most revered Music Legends in one instrument package!

In 1998 C.F. Martin issued a Special Commemorative Limited run of 50 Brazilian Rosewood Lester Flatt D28 guitars. The #1 guitar was given to Lester's Family. C.F. Martin IV generously let us have this #2! This extremely desirable, and remarkable instrument is a Vintage re-issue, including Lester's original pickguard. The powerful voice of this guitar seems to magnify and intensify with every stroke of the pick!!

Also in 1998, Gibson hand-crafted this Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe Banjo in Nashville, Tennessee. This banjo, which faithfully replicates Earl Scruggs 1930 Gibson Granada, was crafted with all the former instrument's special touches, like the elegantly-engraved, gold plated hardware and the beautifully-figured Sunburst maple resonator, with a notably-exact replica antique finish. Also notice the extraordinary tiger-striped Maple neck, enhanced by a smoothly-bound Ebony fretboard! You will absolutely love the hearts-and-flowers fingerboard inlay! The incomparable Kulesh tone ring powers the dynamic sound that every banjo player desires! 

Lester Flatt's solid guitar playing and rich lead voice are unmistakable in hundreds of bluegrass standards. In 1948 Lester started a band with fellow Bill Monroe alumnus Earl Scruggs! Flatt and Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys were one of the most successful bands in Bluegrass. Flatt and Scruggs brought Bluegrass music into mainstream popularity in the early 1960s with their country hit, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett".  The name "Bluegrass" stuck, and eventually became the eponym for this entire genre of country music. Flatt and Scruggs recorded over 50 albums and 75 single hit records! In 2003 Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were ranked No. 24 on  CMT's 40 Greatest Men of Country Music, one of only four non-solo artists to make the list (The Eagles, Alabama, and Brooks and Dunn are the others)!


Wildwood's Price: $12,990!