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Wildwood Music is in the Lockkeeper's House at Historic Roscoe Village
672 N. Whitewoman Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812
Email us at friends@wildwoodmusic.com. We read all emails daily!


More Great Guitars

All Guitars Shown Below are In-Stock! (Unless noted otherwise.)

More Great Guitar Albums

Boucher Guitars

The Boucher Family in Montreal Canada have been hand-crafting exquisite guitars for generations!

Bourgeois Guitars

Be sure to view our final Bourgeois model. It has been our pleasure to be a dealer for Dana Bourgeois' guitars, almost from his beginnings as a guitar builder--even before the current Pantheon Company existed!

Gallagher Guitars

Click the "View Album" link below to see photos and descriptions of our remaining Gallagher guitar.

Lakewood Guitars

Martin Seeliger, of Giessen, Germany, began loving guitars when he was very young, and never lost that deep affection! His passion for making fine instruments was carefully nurtured by his mentor, a highly-respected European maker of classical guitars--Manfred Pletz. After a 5-year apprenticeship, Martin began his own company in 1984. Today he is firmly established as one of the world's Premier instrument luthiers; and global performers heartily endorse Lakewood guitars--for a truly characteristic musical tone quality, unlike any other created on a guitar! Here's a link to Martin's recent 2015 NAMM blog, from California! (Don't forget Google Translate if you need help with the German parts!) Also, check out the fabulous Lakewood Custom 3-D Guitar-Designer tool on Lakewood's web site!

Morgan Guitars

Morgan Guitars have been Hand-Crafted by David Iannone since 1985. He named his guitars after his first child, Morgan and the sleek beauty of the Morgan thoroughbred horse.http://morganguitars.com/

Northwood Guitars

John McQuarrie, Founder of Northwood Guitars(Click link for Web Page), apprenticed for 7 years with Jean Larrivee, before embarking on his own handmade creations. All of our wonderful Northwood guitars feature solid Mahogany, very comfortable necks which are dovetail-joined to the body. John stands behind all his guitars with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. We are so pleased to be able to present these hand-crafted treasures to our customers, here at Wildwood Music! Click the "View Album" link below to see photos and descriptions of In-Stock Northwood Guitars.

Resonator Guitars

Wildwood currently stocks the National Resophonic models below. Visit National's website. Click the "View Albums" link below to see photos and descriptions of selected National Resonator Guitars.

Purchased Guitars by Select Makers

These special guitars have found their place in loving homes, but we thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures! Click the "View Album(s)" link below to see photos and descriptions of these purchased guitars.