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Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape,  Exquisite All-Birdseye Maple !

SOLD.....Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape, Exquisite All-Birdseye Maple !

We breathe deeply, overwhelmed by the beauty of Nature's woods, witnessed here in the joining and melding of Bubinga and East Indian Rosewood ... indeed, a very special short, 25-inch scale-length fingerboard! And, we should properly fawn over the exquisite and rare all-Birds-Eye Maple top, back, and sides of this out-of-the-ordinary 4-string hourglass model! Finally, after reverently admiring the artfully-designed Maple Leaf tone holes, we just know this fine instrument will be handed down in the family for decades to come!

Retail Price: $1017.00 — Wildwood's Price: $699--case included!

FolkRoots Hourglass Dulcimer D Series

SOLD....Custom FolkRoots Model, "D" Series, Hourglass Shape, Engelmann Spruce Top/African Mahogany Back and Sides!

The FolkRoots Hourglass D-Series "California" dulcimer style is characterized by its deep body and standard 27-inch scale length, adding volume and richness. We asked Richard Ash to pair the African Mahogany Body with a special Englemann Spruce Top--a favorite tonewood used frequently in guitar making, to produce strong tones with rich responses. We chose to use Richard's creative tone holes--Sun, Moon , and Stars--to represent the world of sound you will produce when you play this dulcimer! This is an excellent dulcimer to take to a jam!

Retail Price: $620.— Wildwood's Price: $420, With Case!

FolkCraft Hour Glass Dulcimer, FSH Series Northern Cherry

SOLD....FolkCraft FSH Series, Hour Glass, All Northern Cherry!

This exceptional FSH-series instrument is made with Northern Cherry wood, which creates a bright, full sound with beautiful and slight-ringing overtones! The Vines-and-Hearts Tone holes take you back to a simpler time and way of life, as you reminisce while playing favorite Gospel and Traditional favorites! The extra-comfortable 25-inch scale length is especially gentle to aching finger joints! When your favorite church or civic group asks you to share your dulcimer love, you will happy to have the excellent L.R. Baggs pickup--already included and installed--to plug into the organization's sound system!

Retail Price: $895 

Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape, Western Red Cedar Top/Northern Cherry Back and Sides!

SOLD......Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape, Western Red Cedar Top/Northern Cherry Back and Sides!

One look at those beautiful Celtic Shield tone holes, and you immediately bond with your next Mountain Dulcimer! The Northern Cherry back and sides, along with this fine Western Red Cedar top, so sweetly "sings your song" the minute you draw your fingers across the strings of this special instrument! You absolutely love the way the lush chocolate brown color of the Walnut fingerboard just sets off the whole look of this dulcimer; ultimately, your heart is captured by its visual and tonal allure!

Retail Price: $695.00 

Custom FolkRoots Model, 6 String, Hourglass Shape, Red Cedar Top/Padauk Back and Sides!

SOLD.....Custom FolkRoots Model, 6 String, Hourglass Shape, Red Cedar Top/Padauk Back and Sides!

Wildwood's fine 6-string has a beautiful and rare Bird's-Eye Maple fingerboard, and its scale length is 26 inches--short enough to be comfortable to play, and long enough to significantly impact the volume of this excellent instrument! Gloriously colorful and rare Padauk wood back and sides provide sensuous tonal complexities, while the Western Red Cedar Soundboard perfectly blends the sweetness of the dulcimer with the strength of the bass and mid-range sound spectrum. Stars, Moon, and Sun sound holes serve to announce the perfection and completeness this wonderful 6-string mountain dulcimer provides for its new owner!

Retail Price: $945