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Paul Kerns Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer

Paul Kerns Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer, Spruce/Ambrosia Maple

Always popular Sitka Spruce was chosen for the top soundboard. Spruce produces a very beautiful and diverse range of sounds. Paul chose very attractive Ambrosia Maple for the back and sides!

Wildwood's Price: $320!


Mountain Dulcimer Case


Our LAST case is this protective rigid chipboard case with Gold Plush lining. It will lovingly protect your precious Mountain Dulcimer, keeping it safe and happy when traveling to a gig, at home or anywhere you may wish to play it! Length: 38" Upper bout width: 6" Lower bout width:9 Depth: 3 1/2"

Retail Price: $70 — Wildwood's Price: $39!





Mountain View is tucked away in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, in Stone County. Here there is a rich tradition of folk music and culture. Founded in 1873, the city is widely acknowledged as the "Folk Music Capitol of the World". Mountain View hosts the Ozark Folk Festival in April!

It is in Mountain View McSpadden Dulcimers are born! At the "Dulcimer Shoppe," located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas since 1962, the only specialty is the mountain dulcimer. Expert crafting offers a high-quality dulcimer at an affordable price.

Comes with a very nice McSpadden padded bag!



Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!....McSpadden 6 String All-Cherry Hourglass Dulcimer

Glorious Cherry back, sides, and top! Heart Sound Holes, 6 geared Gotoh tuning machines to help you do your Appalachian thang!!!

TAKE $50 OFF!!

McSpadden "Flathead" Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!..McSpadden "Flathead" Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

All-Cherry, this McSpadden model has the same length body as all the standard dulcimers, but with its Short scale is a bit easier to find the right frets! What a smooth, mellow tone the Cherry back, sides, and top sound out! "Amazing Grace" never sounded better!

TAKE $50 OFF!!


Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!....McSpadden 6 String Rare Spalted Sycamore/Walnut Mountain Dulcimer

With this lovely Spalted Sycamore Soundboard, the luthiers at McSpadden suggested adding Walnut for the back and sides of this excellent-sounding charmer! Your church friends will have you playing with the Choir with this one!!

TAKE $50 OFF!!!


Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!.... McSpadden Beautiful Spalted Sycamore, Scroll Head-Stock

This 4-string beauty brags mightily about its highly-figured Spalted Sycamore Top! The fine Cherry back and sides, and the Cherry fingerboard combine for a proud beauty with warm and full tone!

TAKE $50 OFF!!


Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!....McSpadden "Ginger" Spruce/Cherry Short Scale Dulcimer

Easy to play, fun to hold! An excellent decor piece for the living room, and also great for entertaining company!! Spruce Top/Cherry Back and Sides!!

TAKE $50 OFF!!


Sold....We would be Happy to order you another one at our DISCOUNT PRICE!....McSpadden- All Cherry "Ginger" Hourglass Dulcimer

ALL Solid Cherry Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer. Gotoh Tuning Machines. This lovely instrument is a SOUND investment!!!



SOLD..McSpadden All Walnut "Ginger" Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

Solid Walnut Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer. Gotoh tuning machines.



SOLD....Paul Kerns Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

Spruce Top/ Sycamore back and sides/Georgeous Leopardwood fingerboard overlay! Absolutely beautiful voice!!

Wildwood's Price: $320!


SOLD......Paul Conrad Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer , Butternut Top/ Walnut back and sides.

 Paul Conrad is a respected Ohio builder. This instrument is hand-crafted with a traditional Butternut Top and Walnut back and sides and would be a joy for any player to own!

Wildwood's Price: $420!


Folk Craft/Folk Roots Dulcimers

Expertly hand-crafted by Richard Ash and Company in Woodburn, Indiana, Folk Craft Dulcimers and the more custom-featured Folk Roots models are fast becoming instruments of choice of many top perfomers, such as award-winning Bing Futch, and many others currently appearing on Dulcimer Festival stages across the country! The exceptional crafting, the diverse and rare, exotic tone woods, as well as the ornamental and creative soundhole designs, all serve to enhance the elegant tonalities of each instrument, and mesmerize the players! 

Comes with a very nice FolkCraft padded bag!

Check Out Our EXTRA Special Pricing on these WONDERFUL Custom Dulcimers!


SOLD!.....Custom Folk Roots Model, Hour Glass, Purple Heart Top/Black Walnut Body

This Four-String Appalachian treasure features a gorgeous Black Walnut body, which is expertly merged with an exotic Purple Heart Soundboard, for warm and precise tones! Maple Leaf Tone holes compliment the Maple fingerboard--which is a very comfortable and easy to fret 26-inch scale length!

Retail Price: $700 — Wildwood's Price: $499--Case Included!

FolkRoots Custom Tear Drop Western Red Cedar / Black Walnut Dulcimer!

SOLD...Custom FolkRoots Model, Tear Drop, Western Red Cedar Top/Black Walnut Body!

Our Custom FolkRoots model here is in the ever popular and traditional Teardrop shape, which lays comfortably on your lap, and looks so elegant! Topped with a beautiful Western Red Cedar Soundboard, the body is crafted with excellent Black Walnut on the back and sides. We selected Richard Ash's Sun/Heart sound hole, which prefigures the warmth and clarity of the Walnut/Cedar wood combination. Finally, the 25-inch scale length on the Maple fingerboard allows this fine instrument to feel as though it is practically playing itself!!!

Retail Price: $895Wildwood's Price: $499--Case Included!

Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape, Lacewood Top/Northern Cherry Back and Sides!

SOLD!....Custom FolkRoots Model, Hourglass Shape, Lacewood Top/Northern Cherry Back and Sides!

Beautiful Lacewood, a member of the Sycamore family, adorns the top on this amazing-sounding Dulcimer! The Northern Cherry back and sides perfectly embrace and warm the dulcet tones, while the Lacewood gives each note clarity and beauty! Gentle Hummingbird tone holes predict how special you will feel when playing this instrument; and, as your fingers dance up and down the rare Birdseye Maple fingerboard--with a 25-inch scale length--your love of dulcimer playing will be fully affirmed! Ultimately, your efforts to grow musically will be more-than-adequately fulfilled in cherishing this acoustic dulcimer treasure!

Retail Price: $900.00 — Wildwood's Price: $499, With Case!

FolkRoots Custom Series 6 String Hourglass Dulcimer, All-African Mahogany!

SOLD!....Custom FolkRoots Model, 6 String, Hourglass Shape, All-African Mahogany!

If you look for an extra measure of sweetness, stop here at this fine all-Mahogany 6-string dulcimer! A rich, full dulcimer tone will fill your heart with glorious music, and you will thrill when you realize how easy this 25-inch Maple fingerboard is to note--even with 6 strings!!! Butterfly sound holes will mesmerize your efforts, as you enjoy creating new ways of sculpting old standards!

Retail Price: $945.00 — Wildwood's Price: $599, With Case!


Blue Lion Dulcimers

Santa Margarita, California, is a tiny hamlet of 1,300 people. It is a quaint artist and family community. Doesn't it, then, seem so very appropriate that this is the home of Janita and Bob Baker, makers of Blue Lion Dulcimers?! Widely accepted to be the ultimate in dulcimer craftsmanship, these instruments literally speak elegance and quality from the first moment you hold them in your lap!

Janita and Bob built their first mountain dulcimer from scratch using walnut from Janita's Grandad's Illinois farm in the 1970s. Since that time they have built over 4000 dulcimers--their yearly output is just 150 instruments! Each dulcimer is individually crafted by Bob and Janita, to the highest standards possible!


It Has been our honor and pleasure to have sold these Dulcimers over the past decades! Our friendship with Janita and Bob has been priceless !!! 


LAST ONE IS SOLD!!!!.....Blue Lion IW, Hourglass Shape, Western Red Cedar Top/Walnut Back and Sides!

This wonderful Style I dulcimer is hand-crafted with book-matched solid Walnut back and sides and a solid Western Red Cedar soundboard. Janita and Bob Baker--considered by many to be the finest makers of mountain dulcimers in the world--chose the elegant, scrolled peghead for this model. Note that the Walnut fingerboard overlays an expensive Honduran Mahogany base, with real Mother-of-Pearl position markers in frets 3, 7, 10 and 14. The tones of this Walnut/Cedar treasure are resonant and warm, with excellent balance between treble and bass strings--all the while retaining amazing clarity and articulation! This Blue Lion model will please the most discriminating musician!

Price: $550! TAKE $50 OFF!!


Other Fine Mountain Dulcimers

Wildwood has enjoyed hosting individual, local Ohio dulcimer makers' instruments. We have been blessed to offer the special crafting of Jeff Gaynor, Paul Kerns, Paul Conrad, and Ray and Colleen Chittum! If you have attended any Dulcimer Festivals in Ohio, you may have met any or all of these fine builders!

Special Dulcimer Deals!


We found a loving home for this 100 Year Old Vintage Mountain Dulcimer!

This wonderful treasure was lovingly hand-crafted over 100 years ago! Oh, the stories this instrument could tell if only it could talk. Wait... maybe the songs and the stories are begging to be brought back to life with your gentle touches and strums. If you feel you would be the best care taker of this special dulcimer , please give us a call or email. 


This treasure has found a wonderful new home where it will be cherished!



Ohio Civil War Era Mountain Dulcimer

"Mine eyes have seen the glory"! This lovingly hand-crafted dulcimer may well have seen the Battlefield.  Oh,the joys and sorrows this instrument could share if only it could talk. Wait... maybe the songs and the stories are begging to be brought back to life with your gentle touches and strums. If you feel you would be the best care taker of this special dulcimer , please give us a call or email. 

"May we pause in life's pleasures and count our many tears while we all sup sorrow with the poor. Oh, hard times come again no more". 


This treasure has found a wonderful new home where it will be cherished!

Chittum Custom Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

SOLD!....Chittum Custom Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

This Ray and Colleen Chittum wonder has a shorter fingerboard--25.75", which makes it much easier to play, expecially for sore fingers--with the frets closer together!! And the sounds from lovely wood combinations of the beautiful Flamed Maple top and lush Walnut back and sides is sooo enchanting. You will love their artistic touch of the Bubinga wood overlay on top of a Walnut fingerboard!

WAS $405.00--Special Wildwood Price:$299!

Bob McNally CUSTOM Teardrop 5 String Dulcimer

SOLD!....Bob McNally CUSTOM Teardrop 5 String SUPER DELUXE Dulcimer

Bob McNally is the inventor of the "Strum Stick". Many years ago he started his career by making very high -end mountain dulcimers. This instrument was handcrafted in 1981 and represents his finest level of skill! Wonderful Sitka, Alaska Spruce was selected for the top. The back and sides are beautiful old-growth Birdseye Maple. The top under-bracing is hand shaved and results in an instrument with amazing volume and power! It is currently set-up with two melody strings, one middle string, and two octave bass strings. It is also designed to be set-up with 5 equidistant strings! Of course if you get very creative, you can come up with some ideas of your own. This dulcimer is a real TREASURE !!!

Wildwood's Price: $695.


SOLD.....Jeff Gaynor Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

This robust dulcimer features an aged Sitka Spruce Top from Alaska. Sassafras back and sides produce a lively, bold voice that will be loved and appreciated both as a solo instrument and in a jam session!! This Custom dulcimer includes a very nice padded bag.

Wildwood's Price: $399!


Sold.....McSpadden All Cherry "Ginger" Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer

This sweet dulcimer was damaged in shipping by UPS (getting any money back from them has turned into a 7 month battle). We had this wonderful instrument repaired by well-respected Ohio luthier, Mark Hardesty! You can see where the cracks have been repaired (see photos) but they have been completely stabilized! This instrument sounds wonderful and plays beautifully. Solid Cherry Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer. Short scale length. Tuned D-A-D. Fine Gotoh tuning machines with mini-chrome buttons.

Retail Price: $475. — Wildwood's Price:  ONLY $150!