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Discounted Accessories

All Items Shown Below are In-Stock! (Unless noted otherwise.)

Discounted Accessories
Chocolate Brown

Genuine Taylor Adjustable Guitar Straps!

Wildwood's SUPER SPECIAL!!!

These Authentic Taylor straps are adjustable and extremely durable. The beautiful suede straps have a soft suede backing and are very plush! The color choices are Chocolate Brown, Rich Black, and Golden Tan

Retail Price: $48 — Wildwood's Price: $29!

We also have extremely well-made Taylor woven straps with suede ends!  The color choices are Camouflage Green and Chocolate Brown.

Retail Price: $32 — Wildwood's Price: $19!



SUPER Deluxe Dreadnought 5 ply Hard Shell Case

This marvelous case features beautiful blue plush lining and a cushy leather handle!

Length: 43"

Upper Bout: 12"

Lower Bout: 16"

Depth: 4"

Retail Price: $420 — Wildwood's Price: $199!


CF Martin Tweed Dreadnought case

This is a Martin-issued, very attractive Tweed case. Rugged 5 ply wood construction for maximum protection. Soft padded burgundy lining, locking clasp, and roomy storage compartment. 

Measurements are inside dimensions:

Length: 44"

Upper Bout: 12.5"

Lower Bout: 16.5"

Depth: 5"

Retail Price: $269 — Wildwood's Price: $89!


Greg Deering Embroidered Padded BANJO Bag.

This very well-made and protective case will fit most Resonator Banjos and open back instruments as well.

Length: 37.5"

Width: 11.5"

Depth: 4"

Retail Price: $85 — Wildwood's Price: $49!


Taylor Deluxe Grand Auditorium Hard Shell Case

Pretty and protective!

Int. Length: 43"

Int. Upper bout: 11.5"

Int.Lower bout:16.5"

Int. Depth: 4.5"


Retail Price: $240— Wildwood's Price: $119!


Taylor Grand Concert Hard Shell Case

This sturdy case also fits most "OO" and "O" size guitars.

Length: 41.5"

Upper Bout: 10.5"

Lower Bout:14.5"

Depth: 4"

Retail Price: $240— Wildwood's Price: $99!


Taylor Deluxe Grand Symphony or Grand Auditorium Hard Shell Case

This fine Taylor case has a few minor scuffs. One being where the tiny ring would hold an optional shoulder strap. The other being on the top edge. Both of these are visible on the first photo.

Int. Length: 43"

Int. Upper bout: 11.5"

Int.Lower bout:16.5"

Int. Depth: 4.5"

Retail Price: $240— Wildwood's Price: $69!


Tenor or Octave Mandolin Chipboard Case

This nice case will also fit many Mandocellos, Citterns and Bouzoukis!

Length: 33.5"

Width: 11.5"

Depth: 3"

Retail Price: $46— Wildwood's Price: $19!


Mandolin Chipboard Case

Length: 26"

Width: 11.5"

Depth: 3"


Retail Price: $39— Wildwood's Price: $18!


TKL Premier Series OO/Classical Size Hard Shell Case!

 This is TKL's hardshell case series. Premier Series™ cases include the following features:

  • TKL's Multi-Ply, Hand-Laminated Wood Shell
  • TKL's Heavy-Duty Durahyde™ Covering
  • TKL's Providence Forge® Steel-Plated Hardware
  • TKL's Comfort Grip™ Molded Handle
  • TKL's Contoured, Thickly-Padded, Soft Plush Interior
  • TKL's Spacious Accessory Compartment
  • TKL's Traditional Neck Support System™

Following are the inside dimensions,

Length: 41"

Upper Bout: 11.5" 

Lower Bout: 14.75"

Depth: 5.25"

Waist: 10"

Retail Price: $189. — Wildwood's Price: $39


SOLD!...Hiscox Lifelite Pro OM-OOO Hardshell Case

This Lifelite Pro case has a slight surface crack on the top outside upper bout. It has not compromised the integrity of protecting your instrument.

Total Case Length : 40 1/4 

Lower Bout 15 1/4" 

11 1/2 "Body Length 

3/4 "Body Depth (Front pad)

(Front pad)3 1/2 "  (Back pad)  4 1/3 

Empty Weight 9.5lbs

Retail Price: $579.— Wildwood's Price: $98!