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More Boutique Instruments

All Guitars and Banjos Shown Below are In-Stock! (Unless noted otherwise.)

See our selection of less-known high-quality Guitars, Irish Guitars and Banjos.

More Boutique Instruments
The Custom Greg Deering Limited Banjo with multi-colored Abalone pearl, which is inlaid alongside the Ivoroid binding

The Custom Greg Deering Limited !! The PRIVATE COLLECTION series.

We had this amazing banjo further customized when we had Greg choose the very finest figured Maple for the resonator and neck. This makes for a much more traditional Bluegrass sound from this extraordinary banjo! This banjo features multi-colored Abalone pearl, which is inlaid alongside the Ivoroid binding. Intricate Abalone and Mother-of-pearl inlays adorn the genuine Ebony fingerboard and peghead. This banjo features the famous Deering, hand-cast, bell-bronze tone ring, along with Zinc flange construction.This instrument can be heard over all the other banjos at a jam, and on stage it will really make heads turn!!

Retail Price: $7000 — Wildwood's Price: $3998!

Lowden O-23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

Lowden O-23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

Feast your eyes on the exquisite Walnut back and sides, and allow the aural, musical visions to emanate through the lush Cedar top! You experience a comforting warmth, a soothing embrace of clear and concise tonality wrapped in a fine garment of melodic bliss!

Lowden O-23C, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

Lowden O-23C, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

Original Lowden body size, made from rich Bastogne Walnut and gorgeous Cedar. This is a very versatile guitar, well-suited to both fingerpicking and flatpicking. The deep, rich, clear tone will enthrall you, as you weave your musical magic!!

Lowden O-25, East Indian Rosewood/Cedar!

Lowden O-25, East Indian Rosewood/Cedar!

Luscious, finely-crafted East Indian Rosewood is topped by George's wonderful, rich-sounding Cedar! Effortless strumming and light fingerpicking produce magnificent basses and trebles on this fantastic guitar!


Lowden O-25C

When you first strum a Lowden, you know immediately this guitar is way different from any other you have played! No other combination of woods on a Lowden guitar sound quite like the report of your strumming this Cedar-topped East Indian Rosewood masterpiece! Your hand glides seamlessly up and down the neck, and your heart beats fast and firm with the rhythms you create because of this marvelously-handmade marvel!!

Lowden O-32,  Sitka Spruce/Figured Sycamore/Rosewood/Mahogany/Walnut-f

Lowden O-32, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce!

From Downpatrick, Ireland, to Wildwood comes this fine mix of fine Indian Rosewood and beautiful, tight-grained Sitka Spruce! The elegant and tasteful figured Sycamore binding outlines an opulent body of the dynamic, Dolphin-braced soundbox. On the top, a pinless Rosewood bridge with two separate bone saddles expertly compensates the strings for near-perfect pitches. The natural beauty of the hand-inlaid Rosewood, Sycamore, Mahogany, and Walnut woods make the rosette a classic statement of natural beauty! The blank Ebony fingerboard is accented by the gold Gotoh tuning machines that are capped by hand-turned Ebony buttons. Fingerpicking this is an acoustic present, and the flatpick still provides clear and strong tones from Bass to Mids to Trebles!


Lowden F-32, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce!

Exquisite Sycamore wood bindings enhance the contrast between the reddish-brown color of the East Indian Rosewood and the AAA grade Sitka Spruce top! And, although the bracing and the size and its contour all lend themselves to finely-honed fingerstyle guitar masterpieces, taking a brisk flatpick to this fine guitar will amaze and astound you!!

Lowdon 032C  Sitka Spruce top Rosewood back and sides !

Lowden O-32C, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce!

Marrying Fine Sitka Spruce with Premium East Indian Rosewood almost always produces a superior sounding guitar; it is the first choice of woods for a guitar by most recreational and professional players today. But George Lowden has managed to "lead the pack" with this mighty O body!! This guitar not only has volume and dynamics, but also produces legendary projection and balance!!

Lowden S 23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

Lowden S 23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar!

We have added the "S" model to our Standard Lowden series in stock, and are very pleased to have it at Wildwood again! George has re-designed this very special model, and the extreme comfort of a smaller guitar is especially pleasing when the sounds begin vibrating through the Walnut and Cedar woods! What a fine, full tone quality this instrument produces! Below are the guitar specs:

Width at the Nut: 1 3/4"

Neck Width at 14th Fret: 2 1/4"

Soundbox Width: 14 3/4”

Soundbox Depth: 4 1/8”

Scale Length: 24 51/64”

Lowden F-23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar

Lowden F-23, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar

The outright ascetic beauty of this Walnut wood is breathtaking enough; but when you couple Nature's imagery in this F-23 with George Lowden's magical luthier skills, the resulting sound is awe-inspiring! George's "dolphin-braced" guitar, in the "F" size, pours out such pristine and resonant sound vibrations, you cannot believe your own ears how beautiful the tones are! You will not pick this instrument up and play it, without drastically changing your concept of how a superbly-crafted guitar should sound!

Lowden F-23C Cedar Top / Bastogne Walnut Back and Sides!

Lowden F-23C, Bastogne Walnut/Cedar

This beautiful Bastogne Walnut and gorgeous Cedar model has the soft cutaway. This guitar is very popular here at Wildwood, with its resonant and complex tone. If you like a more "focused" projection, with a sweet, warm, clear and powerful sound, you have found your soulmate!!


Lowden F-25C, East Indian Rosewood/Cedar!

This most elegant instrument is crafted with Cedar, East Indian Rosewood, and a soft cutaway. The signature Lowden 5-piece neck houses an adjustable steel truss rod, and a blank Ebony fretboard gives this guitar an understated elegance! A warm and mature sound is evident right from the start!!


The "WEE" Lowden 25", East Indian Rosewood/Cedar!

Finally, a very comfortable small-bodied guitar with a kindred sound worthy of its name--the Wee Lowden! This approximates the popular "parlor" guitar size.  The Voice of this little "Buttercup" is amazing!!! The Wee has a silky feel that all players would appreciate.


Take a look at the following specs:

Width at the Nut: 1 3/4"

Neck Width at 14th Fret: 2 1/4"

Soundbox Width: 13 3/16"

Soundbox Depth: 3 15/16"

Scale Length: 24"


Lowdon F32C, East Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce!

This is George Lowden's "mid-size" guitar, which he calls his "F" body!

Width at the Nut: 1 3/4"

Neck Width at 14th Fret: 2 1/4"

Soundbox Width: 15 7/8”

Soundbox Depth: 4 3/4”"

Scale Length: 25 1/2”

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Fine Brazilian Rosewood/Alpine Spruce!

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Fine Brazilian Rosewood/Alpine Spruce!

When you first see this spectacular result of supremely-skilled luthery, you are engulfed within a vision of superlative beauty! Where to start describing our astonished first-hand encounter with this unbelieveable guitar is a most jubilant task to undertake! The venerable tone timber--CITIES-certified, old-growth Brazilian Rosewood brilliantly suits the excellent Alpine Spruce top, and one stroke of the strings will literally "part the waves" of any afficiando of fine instruments! So many reasons for this, but here are a few: the deftly-crafted Ebony bevel which gives much comfort on this mid-size Auditorium body; the special bracing of the top; the dove tail join of the slimly-carved neck to the body (Measure 1 3/4" at the bone nut). This would be enough for most acoustic guitar lovers. But we asked the adroit Master luthiers at Avalon to create an over-the-top work of art to enchant player and audience alike with visual--as well as auditory--allure! Would you believe it took eight hours to inlay this instrument's top, and specially craft the Celtic Abalone rosette? Draw your eyes to the third fret in the fingerboard. This inlay is called "Triquetra", and is an ancient Celtic symbol that today represents the Blessed Trinity, the Three-in-One; and can be found in the Book of Kells on exhibit at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. This splendid Avalon Custom guitar truly stands alone; it is the very top of Irish Luthery! A guitar of this magnitude should be--and is--lovingly secured in Hiscox's excellent Artist case! You will not find another Avalon guitar like this, anywhere else in the world! (Highest Quality Hiscox "Artist" Case included!)

Retail Price: $11,470.00 — Wildwood's Price: $6998!

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Very Rare Madagascar Rosewood/Master-Grade Redwood!

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Very Rare Madagascar Rosewood/Master-Grade Redwood!

Behold, a finely-crafted work of the highest level of art and acousticity becomes alive and living in this Madagascar/Redwood Avalon Master Class guitar! Tonally it is exceptionally precise and clear, with unimaginable sustain and resonance! You marvel at the purposful design, the precise inlay work, the tasteful match of binding and bevel! Your first caress of the magical strings will thrill your senses with unforgettable passion! As your loving gaze sweeps over this guitar from head to toe, from top to bottom, you are so very pleased and fulfilled with your new companion!(Highest Quality Hiscox "Artist" Case included!)

Retail Price: $8450.00 — Wildwood's Price: $5998!

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Rare Ziricote, Premium Redwood

Avalon Master Series, Custom Bevel, Rare Ziricote, Premium Redwood

This Auditorium-sized Avalon, with the Ebony bevel/armrest, is the quintessential instrument for providing playing comfort and a dominant tonal voice! The very rare tonewood is found in a small area in Central America, Belize, and Mexico, all on the Caribbean coast. This Master Grade Ziricote has frequently been compared to rich and complex tones, as found with Brazilian Rosewood and East Indian Rosewood. Others have likened sounds produced similar to Macassar Ebony, which seems to be generally crisp and clear. The Master Grade Redwood powerfully supports the Ziricote, and pleasingly presents the clarity and resonance of an Alpine top, along with masterfully merging strings of notes which one encounters in a Cedar-topped, steel string instrument! What is readily apparent is the breathtaking beauty of this visually stunning "spider web" grain, which immediately captures your aesthetic heart! But true discovery of this perfect blending of nature and art is yet to come; and you grasp the neck and gently hold the guitar in your lap. Newly-built guitars have distinctive olfactory treasures, and you draw in the precious air, perfumed by this acoustic treasure. Now your fingers and hands explore the wondrous adventure of vibrating strings and reverberating tones, as you pluck and pick each steel string! You will really be "over the top" when you finally play this Master Custom Avalon! (Highest Quality Hiscox "Artist" Case included!)

Retail Price: $8270.00 — Wildwood's Price: $5998!

Avalon Custom L335, Master Grade Redwood/Figured Walnut!

Avalon Custom L335, Master Grade Redwood/Figured Walnut!

Don has reluctantly decided to offer this Custom L335 Avalon to some other lucky player! This Custom-Crafted Avalon has an exquisite silky feel and sound! Features a Master Grade Redwood top, with Highly Figured Walnut Back and Sides! It has beautiful maple binding and 510 Gotoh Tuning machines. Don reports that it loves to play in DADGAD tuning! LOL! This instrument has the Avalon Lifetime Warranty! The Hiscox Pro II Flite Case is included!

Wildwood's Price: $3498!

National Resophonic Squareneck, Custom "D" Deluxe,  Walnut/Spruce!

National Resophonic Squareneck, Custom "D" Deluxe, Walnut/Spruce!

This is the excellent D-Deluxe Model, which features the Traditional "Dobro-Style" single cone spider bridge. Vintage round screen sound holes are just below the engraved cover plate. The Spruce top and Walnut back and sides give a special and powerful tonality that will enhance and dominate your musical journeys! The top and fretboard are bound, and Mother-of-Pearl Diamonds adorn the Ebony fingerboard. The National Logo in the Pearloid headplate really sets off this squareneck masterpiece visually! We have loved the huge, sumptuous sound that this fine Custom Squareneck National Resophonic guitar produces! You will thrill to its power and majestic tonal beauty, from the first moment you move the steel slide on its strings! (This is new, with the full warranty!)

Retail Price: $3700. — Wildwood's Price: $2599!

National Resophonic, Style "O", 14-Fret, Brass Body

National Resophonic, Style "O", 14-Fret, Brass Body

Here's a special 14-fret-joined version of that wonderful "Palm Tree"-designed Brass Resonator model! This single cone guitar with the biscuit bridge really sparkles, and produces joyful slide and fretted tones! The Artful Sand-Blasted Palms harken back to that ere when the Hawaiian influence reigned supreme on guitar music. This Brass instrument will give greater clarity and more nuanced tones--compared to the harsh and raucus Steel version. (New, with Full Warranty!)

Retail Price: $3500.00 — Wildwood's Price: $2499!

ResoRocket Resonator Guitar is a cutaway with Tricone-style grill work and biscuit-bridge-1

National Resophonic ResoRocket!

With Tricone-style grill work, this biscuit-bridge guitar's sound is ripped from the steel body, and resounds with gut-wrenching blues power! Because it has a Custom Charcoal powder coat finish, care and maintenance are at a minimum! Access to the frets above the 12th are easily reached with the addition of a stylish Cutaway!!! This guitar sports a Pearloid solid peghead with the engraved National logo. (Yes, this is new, with Full Warranty!)

Retail Price: $3400 — Wildwood's Price: $2399!

The Doc Watson Signature Model has Flamed Maple binding, Ebony fretboard and bridge, African Mahogany for back and sides, Alaskan Sitka for top-15

The Doc Watson Signature Model

We think this guitar is Don Gallagher's "Flagship" model. The finest African Mahogany is used for the back and sides, and beautiful Sitka Spruce from Alaska is used for the top. This top was individually hand-voiced for maximum response and tone. The fingerboard and bridge are made of fine, black Ebony, and bone is used for the nut and saddle. The body, neck, and headplate are bound in luscious figured Maple. The ebony fingerboard is inlaid with mother-of-pearl diamonds and squares capped off with Doc's signature—meticulously inlaid at the 12th fret. And the sound of this fabulous guitar is the stuff legends are made of—in Doc's words, this guitar "rings like a bell!"

Retail Price: $5999.00 — Wildwood's Price: $2599!

Dana Bourgeois Signature Dreadnought, Madagascar Rosewood, Adirondack t, Flamed Maple, Herringbone, Gold Waverly tuners, Bone Bridge & Endpins-f

Dana Bourgeois Signature Dreadnought, Madagascar

Precious Madagascar Rosewood back and sides is paired with a premium Adirondack top, for optimal sound presence. For the greatest comfort, and playability, Dana chose his famous 1 23/32" nut width! To please the eye, as well as the ear, Dana crafted Flamed Maple for the body binding, and his new Signature Herringbone for the purfling. Ivory "Squares and Diamonds" inlays grace the fingerboard. To elegantly "finish off" this marvelous instrument, Dana chose the finest gold Waverly tuners, and bone bridge and endpins.

Retail Price: $6095 — Wildwood's Price: $4266!

Northwood Custom R70 Mini-Jumbo, Cut-Away, East Indian Rosewood/Fine Engelmann Spruce!

Northwood Custom R70 Mini-Jumbo, Cut-Away, East Indian Rosewood/Fine Engelmann Spruce!

In this Custom Northwood, we asked John McQuarrie to use fine Engelmann Spruce for the top of this Rosewood Mini-Jumbo model. We love the responsiveness of the scarce, precious Engelmann wood, and regale in its adaptability to a variety of picking styles--especially in a Northwood guitar! You will love that this instrument is equipped with the very high-tech Fishman Ellipse Blender pickup, all contained and accessed inside the sound hole!

Retail Price: $4066 — Wildwood's Price: $2683!

Lakewood M-32 CP 12-String

Lakewood M-32 CP, 12-String, Grand Concert, European Spruce/East Indian Rosewood, Sonic System Electronics!

We asked Martin Seeliger if he would build a 12-string, using his very popular Grand Concert "M" size body, and he agreed!! (Here are 6-string M-32 Specs). Neck width is wider-1 7/8"--standard among 12-strings. Scale length is 24.80", a Short Scale!

Martin has skillfully crafted a heady combination of the finest AAA European Spruce and gorgeous East Indian Rosewood! This guitar fairly seethes with tonal beauty and power, and produces crystal clear, sparkling tones! The "M" size, aptly described as "auditorium" or "orchestra" model, fits perfectly in your lap, and the so-comfortable neck delights your chordal sensibilities! The gold Schaller tuners, the Pearl snowflakes on the fingerboard, and the Ab rosette all combine to present this as a veritable jewel of a guitar!

The Lakewood Sonic System (YouTube Sound Clip) a result of the co-operation of Lakewood Guitars and Shadow Electronics, works as dual system with two pickups. The "Nanoflex", developed by Shadow, picks up the sound of the strings at the bridge saddle. A second pickup the "Nanomag", is a magnetic pickup--hidden inside the guitar--and specialized to transfer a soft sound with round basses. Overall, this pickup has a good resistance against feedback when playing at high volume levels.

Scale Length: 24.80" Overall Length: 40.16" Body Length: 19.76" Depth at End Block: 4.72" Depth at Neck Joint: 3.54" Width at Lower Bout: 15.43" Width at Waist: 8.98" Width at Upper Bout: 10.98"

Retail Price: $3823 — Wildwood's Price: $2998

Landola Custom Dreadnought, Extinct Brazilian Rosewood/German Alpine Spruce!

LANDOLA Custom Dreadnought, Extinct Brazilian Rosewood/German Alpine Spruce!

Hand-Crafted by skilled luthiers in Finland, this gorgeous guitar features the finest tonewoods in the World!!  The rare German Spruce soundboard is very responsive to the player's touch. The rare--AND NOW EXTINCT--Brazilian Rosewood, which form the back and sides, resonates with lush bass, mid, and treble tones! ONLY 4 of these extraordinary guitars where ever created ! Wood and Pearl inlays ornament the top and Slotted Diamond and Squares decorate the Rosewood fingerboard . The gracefully-curved headstock sports the finest German Schaller tuning machines with Pearl buttons . For either a fingerstyle or flatpicking style player, this guitar is truly a TREASURE!!! 

Wildwood's Once-In-A-Lifetime Price: $1998!


LoPrinzi Classical, International Concert, Cedar top/East Indian Rosewood!

Hand-made by Augustino Loprinzi himself!! This is Don's personal classical, and has been much-loved! It is Augie's International Concert model, with a 650mm scale length. It is topped with Western Red Cedar, and braggs a genuine Honduras Mahogany neck. In addition, it enjoys the Ebony fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, rosewood bridge, hand rubbed oil varnish finish, and hard shell case!

Wildwood's Price: $1799!


Bourgeois Guitars

Be sure to view our final Bourgeois model. It has been our pleasure to be a dealer for Dana Bourgeois' guitars, almost from his beginnings as a guitar builder--even before the current Pantheon Company existed!


Gallagher Guitars

Click "Gallagher Guitars" above to see photos and descriptions of our remaining Gallagher guitar.


Lakewood Guitars

Martin Seeliger, of Giessen, Germany, began loving guitars when he was very young, and never lost that deep affection! His passion for making fine instruments was carefully nurtured by his mentor, a highly-respected European maker of classical guitars--Manfred Pletz. After a 5-year apprenticeship, Martin began his own company in 1984. Today he is firmly established as one of the world's Premier instrument luthiers; and global performers heartily endorse Lakewood guitars--for a truly characteristic musical tone quality, unlike any other created on a guitar! Here's a link to Martin's recent 2015 NAMM blog, from California! (Don't forget Google Translate if you need help with the German parts!) Also, check out the fabulous Lakewood Custom 3-D Guitar-Designer tool on Lakewood's web site!


Northwood Guitars

John McQuarrie, Founder of Northwood Guitars(Click link for Web Page), apprenticed for 7 years with Jean Larrivee, before embarking on his own handmade creations. All of our wonderful Northwood guitars feature solid Mahogany, very comfortable necks which are dovetail-joined to the body. John stands behind all his guitars with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. We are so pleased to be able to present these hand-crafted treasures to our customers, here at Wildwood Music! Click the "View Album" link below to see photos and descriptions of In-Stock Northwood Guitars.


Avalon Guitars

The name AVALON itself conjures up many mythical images, the most prominent being the legendary Isle where King Arthur's magical sword, Excalibur, was forged! So it is a most appropriate signatory for such elegantly hand-crafted, fine guitars! Indeed, each of our Custom Premier models listed seems to create magical music effortlessly, as immense and emotionally rewarding sounds literally cascade forth from these awe-inspiring instruments! For more information about this Northern Ireland Custom Guitar Shop, here is a 2013 Photo Essay entitled The Masters of Avalon. This will link to Avalon's Web Page, and Avalon is on Facebook, as well.


McIlroy Guitars

Dermot McIlroy, of Antrim, Northern Ireland, began building guitars in 1990, after several years plying the Carpentry trade. He worked for the then recently purchased and re-formed Lowden Guitar Company,(now known as Avalon Custom Luthiers), and his mentor was the great Japenese luthier, Micky Uchida, who was heading up the Lowden shop--he had previously been hired by George Lowden, in 1986 and stayed until the end of 1990, with the Avalon folks. (Link to a brief Uchida profile). Micky inspired his apprentice to infuse guitar building with "feeling" for the wood and the music.

Dermot, now in his own shop in Antrim, has earned worldwide respect for his craft, and his guitars are loved by many guitar players fortunate enough to own his creations! We are blessed to have several of Dermot's original guitar models in stock, here at Wildwood. Dermot is also accepting orders for Custom builds, as well! Be sure to view this lovely interview with Dermot, on You Tube! Access the McIlroy Web Page here, and "LIKE" his Facebook page, too!


Boucher Guitars

The prestigious National Association of Musical Merchants (NAMM) voted these Boucher Guitars as the FINEST hand-crafted Boutique instruments in the World! The Boucher Family in Canada have been creating exquisite guitars for generations! All the tops on Wildwood's Boucher guitars are Master Grade Adirondack Spruce, and were personally selected for us from Boucher's family-owned ancient Adirondack forest.


Resonator Guitars

Wildwood currently stocks the National Resophonic models below. Visit National's website. Click the "View Albums" link below to see photos and descriptions of selected National Resonator Guitars.


Purchased Banjos

Sorry, these Banjos have been SOLD, but we thought you might enjoy the pictures!


Lowden Guitars

George Lowden designed the original, or "O" body size to feature a large sound box with a very distinctive outline. The lightness of weight is achieved by using split, rather than sawn, woods. Combined with the unique Lowden construction methods, this results in a guitar with immense power—yet surprising sensitivity. A precisely-balanced sound is achieved by voicing the bracing pattern to discipline the naturally deep basses to blend with the clear and precise trebles. The Lowden "F" body size was designed by George to produce a more complex, focused sound while retaining the characteristic power and brilliance of the "O" series. This is achieved by individually hand-tuning the top bracing pattern to emphasize the lower frequencies, which compliment the natural vibrancies of the upper and mid ranges. This creates, in the "F" series, a guitar of unequaled versatility for both fingerpicking and flatpicking styles. Click on the "View Albums" link below to see photos and descriptions of our Lowden Guitars!


Morgan Guitars

Morgan Guitars have been Hand-Crafted by David Iannone since 1985. He named his guitars after his first child, Morgan and the sleek beauty of the Morgan thoroughbred horse.http://morganguitars.com/

Morgan Dreadnought, Brazilian Mahogany/Sitka Spruce!

SOLD.....Morgan Dreadnought, Brazilian Mahogany/Sitka Spruce!

David Iannone is another of the fine Canadian luthiers who was mentored by Jean Larrivee. This Dreadnought has a light build and very comfortable feel! The Booming voice brims with color. Its powerful bass will thump with your heart, but still pays full respect to your treble concerns. This guitar sings the blues, loves traditional music, enjoys being fingerpicked, and will last you a lifetime and then some!

Retail Price: $2,600. — Wildwood's Price: $1,799!


Purchased Guitars by Select Makers

These special guitars have found their place in loving homes, but we thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures! Click the "View Album(s)" link below to see photos and descriptions of these purchased guitars.

Lowden S25, Cedar Top/East Indian Rosewood!

SOLD.....Lowden S25, Cedar Top/East Indian Rosewood!

This powerful George Lowden model packs a "wallop" of glorious tones in a very elegant package! Its short scale fingerboard is a joy to chord, and your fingers effortlessly glide from fret to fret--like they're dancing on air! With a soundbox depth of 4 1/8", and a lower bout that measures 14 3/4" across, your immediate embrace signals a trusty familiarity you can comfortably welcome! The intimate sharing of newly-written songs with a finely-crafted instrument is a special treasure, and this guitar is a "right" choice for so many important reasons!